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Rather than establishing a dedicated presence in each target market, many established and fledging companies increasingly look to franchise, agency, and distribution arrangements as an alternative means of introducing their brands and products to local consumers. While such arrangements are often cost-effective, they are not without their associated legal risks.

Having a trusted local adviser that understands the complexities of doing business in Qatar, and is able to advise on the significant differences between an agency and a non-exclusive franchise or distribution arrangement is of paramount importance. Our formidable experience in advising in relation to registering agency agreements, and avoiding such registration, allows us to provide both practical and commercial options facilitating any client requirements.

While at first glance the matter of establishing an agency or franchise arrangement may appear straightforward, the laws of Qatar have the potential to introduce risks for foreign companies, and benefits for local agents. Our team has extensively counselled clients from both sides of such transactions, enabling us to anticipate our clients’ needs and ensure that they avoid potential obstacles and pitfalls.

In addition to regularly advising clients with regard to agency and franchise structures, we have also contributed to numerous multi-jurisdictional surveys relating to the risks encountered by foreign companies seeking to expand in Qatar. Our feedback has formed the basis on which numerous development banks have formulated their policies for SMEs, and the corporate landscape as a whole.

As one of the most prominent Qatari law firms, we have advised clients operating in the

  • Agency Avoidance
  • Commercial Agency
  • Competition
  • Concessions
  • Electronic Commercet
  • Distribution Channel Restructuring
  • Franchises
  • Grey Market Trading
  • Product Distribution
  • Warehousing

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